Dean's Speech

The word Prof. Dr. / Atef Mohamed Morsy
Dean and Chairman of the University Hospital Management

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
The college has managed over the past years to move successfully to complete the university facilities and equipped with all the tools and the means to communicate with the latest in what era in the range of possibilities available. Complementing this college has taken its course in three directions:
First, application modernization and development policy through the implementation of input quality policy performance has been the college began to activate this policy into practice, especially with regard to the development of curricula and updating methods of progress and attention to the student to participate in the educational process, which certainly contributed to the formation of a distinct youth cadres oversees the college name
Second, the college is working to develop research plans and linked to the surrounding environment is also working to increase friction with the developed world universities by the transfer of expertise and the creation of joint degrees and adopting and caring for creative ideas for faculty members
Third: the activation of the college's role in the service of the environment and attention to the problems of society by convoys of health care.
 Taking care to activate the continuous modernization and development of databases college and permanent development of the system of administrative work in the college permanent pursuit to get the basic goal of the college for accreditation
With best wishes to my fellow faculty members further progress and prosperity to my children and students with more success and luck

Dean and Chairman of the University Hospital Management
Prof. Dr. / Atef Mohamed Morsy