Undergraduate Stage

Faculty of Medicine consists of 35 departments and manages all the affairs of the Council of the faculty and department chairs the board of the department and one of the oldest of three professors.

The study period of six years in college, and student studies in the first phase (the first and second division) in the second stage
(Third Division) Academy of Sciences and taught clinical sciences in the third phase (the fourth, fifth and sixth band)

In each of the first division and the second examines the body healthy student in terms of its composition (anatomy) and the formation of tissues (Hustologia) and physiology (physiology) and chemical processes that occur in it (biochemistry), as taught English while behavioral sciences Vedrsha in the Second Division. As third year student studying the patient's body and drugs through pathology (pathology) and microbes that cause diseases (Microbiology) as well as parasites that live in the human body and therapy (Pharmacology) in addition to the dental community.

In phase clinical student studies in the Fourth Division:
Ophthalmology and surgery.
Ear, nose and throat.
Forensic Medicine and Toxicology.
Community Medicine.

In the fifth band:
Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Pediatrics .
Community Medicine.

In the sixth band:
Internal Medicine and its affiliates.
General surgery and its subsidiaries

Honors student is granted if it achieved the following:
A. did not fail in the exam throughout the study period.
(B) did not say appreciation in the squad is very good.

* Estimated student success one of the following estimates:
 - Better than 85% or more of the total score.
 - Very well from 75% to less than 85% of the total score.
 - A good 65% to less than 75% of the total score.
- Acceptable 60% less than 65% of the total score.

* The failure of students is estimated at one of the two estimates following two:
- Poor from 30% to less than 60% of the total score.
- Very weak less than 30% of the total score.