Exams' Rules

Exam rules:

1. Exemption:

A student may be exempt from the exam performance in some of the courses in the stage before the final if he had performed successfully in a recognized university.

2. pathological cases:

The student on exam day at nine in the morning to the medical committee for students to debate the condition is not considered lagging for the exam if the Committee approved his condition may be accepted student a satisfactory excuse for passed exam date (except in compelling cases).

3. Denial:

College may be deprived of the student exam performance (though Moazpth be unsatisfactory, for example) it fails in the student and considered in decision estimate "very weak" and succeed while in return gets rated "unacceptable."

Backwardness excuse Article (80) of the Act 49 of 1972 for the application of the Regulations universities that if a student fails the exam is not considered a compelling excuse fails in the condition not exceed times defaults misses (and the university to grant a third chance if necessary).

4. underdevelopment without excuse:

If a student fails the written exam performance without an excuse accepted by the college fails in Tangier's estimate was "very weak" and succeed while in return gets a reasonable estimate.

Exam performance:

1. The student's presence in the exam room, half an hour before the appointment.

2. It is prohibited to student access to the examination committee in possession of any papers or books or memorandums also prohibited from entering the mobile phone and if it is set and in the possession of any of these things, even if fraud is trying to be referred to the investigation to know the legal affairs department in the college.

3. The exam language is the language taught by the decision (for the College exception if necessary).

4. Each student can write down his name and number of sitting and his school in the space provided.

5. The student must answer questions in all the pages and lines and is not allowed to leave spaces or unused pages will not be allowed for the student using the brochure other exam only if it fulfills all the above.

6. not allowed demanded an unmarked considered distinctive in the answer sheet and will be canceled if it is found that his probation and referred to the investigation for violating the rules of the exam.

7. not allowed directing questions to the professor, who will be present for only half an hour from the start of the exam.

8. Students are not allowed to leave the examination committee ago, half the time of the exam.

9. Students are not allowed to leave the place or change it.

10. Students are not allowed to speak with the exam observer.

11. When the student finishes the answer delivered exam booklet to the observer in charge of that and confirm receipt of the university card (Rnah).

12. Students are not allowed to leave the examination hall in the last quarter hour of the time limit for the exam.



If a student fails in is obtained to estimate poor or very poor and succeed while in return get a reasonable estimate.

Monitoring grades:

1. If a student is absent from a written examination is absent from the test article.

2. If a student got a score of less than 30% in the editorial fails in the article is a student.

3. get a reasonable estimate of both passed the exam under the following circumstances:

A - already deprived of Article exam.

(B) failure to previously exam without an acceptable excuse.

C - already Rsoppe in Article exam.

Cancel the exam:

The dean of the college student cancel the exam in a course or more as a punishment for his offense has made.



Progress during the two weeks of the announcement of the result with d