Diploma and Master's Degree

We look forward to teaching and practicing the various medical sciences and scientific research in order to stand in the ranks of distinguished medical schools in the world with a focus on the health problems in our society and interact with it, and with the establishment of educational, therapeutic and research centers in all branches of medicine according to the needs of the community and its participation.

-Prepare an efficient human physician who can provide primary health care to his society, and compete with graduates of medical schools worldwide in the labor market, who can complete his graduate studies and training programs for all medical specialties.
-Preparation of other medical personnel humanely and technically from nursing and technicians at the level of a competitor in the labor market.
- Preparation and teaching of graduate programs for various scientific degrees in medical sciences, as well as training programs for acquiring skills and continuing medical education in the field of medical sciences for all health personnel.
- Providing preventive and curative services with the latest advances in the field of primary, secondary and specialized health care.
-Interacting with the community and improving it health and environment
- Early detection of the health problems of the society, study and solutions
- Interaction with the medical and educational community in Beni Suef and Egypt as a whole
- Cooperating with the faculties of other universities in order to improve the educational, research, therapeutic and community service.
• Communicate and interact with health and educational institutions worldwide to carry out our mission and develop it according to the needs of the community
- Establish educational, therapeutic and research excellence centers that are competitive at the global level.

Objectives of the College
1. Providing basic health services through the graduation of an efficient primary health care physician
2 - Interaction with the community and raise it healthily
3. Developing and improving the environment for the preservation of human health
4 - Early identification of the health problems of the community and the identification of priorities
5. Providing advanced health services through a distinguished university hospital
6 - Providing research and practical and scientific studies to serve the community
7 - Provide training programs for doctors in advanced disciplines, nursing and technicians in health services
8 - Interaction and cooperation with other health institutions in the community to achieve a better level of health for all.