Medical Development Center

Services provided by the center:

* Fast Internet service (ADSL) at nominal prices for both students and faculty members inside and outside the college to provide global research in medical fields through the Internet service.
* The Center work computer courses intensive programs:
Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point & Internet.
* Copies of the CD Service
The Center provides copies for both students and faculty members paid a symbolic while providing cylinder to back the process of service.
* Messages integrated scientific and research service
 The center left / Print / copy messages, and scientific research paid a symbolic
* The Service Data Show
The center leases the device Data Show for faculty members with send a technical specialist is running the machine during lectures, seminars and meetings to be held college
* Printing Service:
The Center provides printing service prices for students and faculty symbolic
* Using Alascanr Service:
The Center provided with Alascanr to pull pictures or graphics prices for students and faculty symbolic service
* Maintenance Service:
The Center provides maintenance service for PCs and printers for the college and the Technical Institute of Nursing Annex college.