Association Missions

It is an activity student independently does not follow the activities of the Student Union or the Youth Welfare goal is rehabilitation of medical students at the University of Beni Suef to be successful physicians in their scientific and practical, and through the implementation of several projects geared to serve the community, which learns from which students participating in the Assembly a lot of skills activities which benefit them both personal and scientific

Among the most important tasks of Assembly:

* - Providing the right environment for students to discuss medical education problems and propose solutions
* - Provide students with opportunities to medical practice at the global level through exchanges with the rest of the scientific program associations around the world and shared in the global federation of scientific societies IFMSA
* - Representation of students of the Faculty of Medicine in Beni Suef medical conferences held at the regional or international level
* - Facilitate partnership and cooperation between the student community and international organizations competent health and medical education through the Global Health Project
* - Provide students with courses and courses both in the medical and clinical field or in the field of human development, learning and building and exchange of skills and ideas.