General Target of Association

  Standing Committee on Public Health
Mission :

Our mission is to offer Egypt’s future physicians a comprehensive introduction to public health issues, who will in turn improve public health awareness. We are dedicated to try to influence the public health status in Egypt.

Activities :

Through SCOPH, medical students work together to improve our public health status. We are equipped with the basic health awareness information that will help us to be productive in our communities and strive to implement seeds for “prevention is better than cure” lifestyle amongst various strata in our community. Egypt’s SCOPH team is determined to establish and implement strategies for different public health related barriers in Egypt.

Community health is based on the sum of the individuals’ health. Improving the health and raising awareness among the public escalates a remarkable development in the wellbeing and life standards of the society. The Standing Committee on Public Health ( SCOPH ) emphasizes the importance of public health issues in medical education and the community. The promotion of a healthy lifestyle through the eradication of smoking, improvement in diet and increasing physical activity is our goal.

Standing Committee on Public Health aims to elevate health conditions of people by volunteer work teams that conduct health education and promotion to the population.
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SCORP, the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace

SCORP, the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace, is the newest one of the six Standing Committees of IFMSA – Egypt. In Egypt, SCOHP was initiated in 2007 to gather medical students from different universities around Egypt and guide them to share in and advocate for humanitarian issues and promote relevant projects in Egypt.

We are interested in the committee that manages charitable projects .Also in which we cooperate with many charities that are interested in this area.

But we’ll take care of projects dealing with human rights, role and rights and duties

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Standing Committee On research Exchange.

SCORE is one of the six Standing Committees in the IFMSA and stands for the Standing Committee On research Exchange.

SCORE was founded in 1991. The primary mission of SCORE is to provide intensive and focused research projects, which allow medical students to expand their knowledge of specific scientific areas of their choice

In 2003, SCORE had 50 active participating countries, offering 1200 research project, and provided over 600 student opportunities to participate in research exchange

The official language of the Research Exchange program is English.

Lodging, boarding, and social program are arranged by the hosting local committee of each country .

Objectives of SCORE

• SCORE provides medical students opportunity to participate in a rewarding and affordable clinical or pre-clinical research in foreign country.
• Research Projects organized through SCORE are designed to deepen medical student knowledge in the various fields of medical and clinical research.
• The possibility of partaking in research abroad is intended to broaden medical students’ body of knowledge, and introduce them to different approaches to clinical investigation, medical education, health care, and ethical research standards.

Research Exchange Projects

he student is incorporated into a research team of their choice and participates in research under the direct supervision of the tutor.

The student will be guided through the basic principles of research, such as literature studies, collecting information, scientific writing and laboratory work. At the end of the project, the student is expected to write a short essay about his/her results and achievements.

How to apply ?

If you are interested to apply for exchange program , Don’t hesitate to contact your local exchange officer (LEO) , Ask him all the questions, you need and he will help you in choosing the best opportunity for you to go on exchange program , all data needed for visa and even booking your flight ticket .

N.B : Both SCORE & SCOPE are not be activated in BMSA because we have a candidate membership , will be activated soon .

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SCOPE is one of the six Standing Committees in the IFMSA and stands for the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange.

It is the largest exchange program within the IFMSA. there is over 8000 international exchanges are made every year and over 87 countries take part in SCOPE , about 300 exchange program from IFMSA Egypt , about 25 exchange program with MSSA

The exchange program is organized by medical students around the world. Students attend an exchange program for 4 weeks in a department of their interest.

The hosting country must offer lodging, boarding, the clerkship and a social program.

The aim of international exchange program is to promote cooperation among medical students and other health professionals, throughout international exchanges.

We provide opportunities to medical student to experience medicine in another culture and make them more sensitive to the differences that exist in health systems around the globe .

N.B : Both SCORE & SCOPE are not be activated in BMSA because we have a candidate membership , will be activated soon .

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standing committee on reproductive health including AIDS

Standing Committee on AIDS and STDs – SCOAS was formed within IFMSA in 1992 as the result of IFMSA concern about the growing number of victims of AIDS and the will of medical students to create programs for the prevention of HIV and STDs, as well as programs for psychosocial support to PLHA.

We realized from the beginning that “the only way of fighting AIDS is through prevention, the only way

of prevention is trough education”, which remained our slogan up till now, as it applies not only to AIDS, but to most of the matters our committee is dealing with. Therefore, the main focus of our committee is on the activities, which emphasize already existing and bring creating new educational programs for medical students, as well as for general population.

As our activities were developing, we realized that in our aims, we should actually take “a step back” and pay our attention to the issues that come before the disease happens – reproductive health. So, we redirected our course towards promotion of healthy sexual and reproductive behavior, prevention of HIV and STDs, abortion prevention and appropriate use of contraceptives, reproductive rights, women’s rights and fight against domestic violence, with the particular aspect on adolescent health and the health of the mother and the child.

So, at our 47th General Assembly in Egypt , 1998, we changed the name of the committee to Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including AIDS – SCORA.

Now and here in Egypt we have a great responsibility to keep Egypt free from or getting red the little numbers of HIV carriers and of course STDs also……. So we have the chance , we mustn’t leave .

Aims :

To raise awareness among medical students about Reproductive Health enclosing satisfying sexual life, sexual education, family planning, gender equity, sexual violence, cultural and ethical issues, as well as HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases related subjects.
To improve medical students knowledge and make them achieve counseling skills.
To open discussions, lectures and interactive games for elementary and high school students about issues of sexuality, reproductive health, AIDS and STDs and thus promoting healthy sexual behavior.
To promote media campaigns, condom and material distribution, and help fundraising.

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The Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME)

Our medical system is preparing you to be a good physician. The medical Education system can provide you with all the data that you need for good diagnostics and treatment of your patients… But, The tools for teaching that have served yesterday’s doctors are inadequate for tomorrow’s doctors!

Doctors should be, competent and compassionate, have life-long learning and problem solving abilities, have good communication skills. On top of all this, they also have to be able to interpret and evaluate scientific data and be creative at solving problems.