Preceding Activities

* What we are doing in previous years:

1-awareness campaign against Hepatitis:
Attended by about 50 students from the Faculty of Medicine at the big event in BPA has been educating about 1,000 people.

  2. Blood Donation Campaign:
A campaign aimed at connecting the importance of blood donation for university students, and the campaign by the College of Human Medicine and blood donation 60 students and other campaign in the university and the blood donation of about 130 students.

3-participation in the festival rosy steps for a healthy life:
It is an annual festival hosted by the Breast Cancer Foundation to increase awareness of this disease and participated by 50 students.

4. awareness against AIDS campaign:

And is targeted campaign to make people aware of AIDS and in two phases, one in hospitals (public and university) and the other in the Faculty of Medicine and has been raising the delivery of about 500 people.

5. awareness campaign against diabetes:

This campaign sensitized 200 people from coming to the University Hospital of how to detect diabetes and deal with it and avoid its complications.

6-awareness campaign to autism:

Campaign to educate medical students and how the nature of the disease was discovered educate 200 students, and here is the same student in turn educate the surrounding community.

7-awareness campaign of tuberculosis:

Carried out by 15 students to educate all patients in the general hospital of how to prevent the disease it was the result of today 300 people have received awareness.

8. Breakfast orphans:

We have established breakfast orphanage for about 100 children from the orphanage villages and included breakfast is an educational and entertaining program.

9-course First Aid:

Provide a comprehensive course for first aid for about 60 students from the Faculty of Medicine in the presence of a distinguished group of Drs.

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