(C) A doctorate degree in medicine, surgery or basic medical sciences

Article (21)

A student who holds a doctorate degree in medicine, surgery or basic medical sciences must have a master's degree in the subject of specialization from one of the universities of JR or an equivalent degree from another recognized scientific institute.

Article (22)

The duration of the PhD degree is three years (at least 6 semesters) distributed as follows:

* Part One:

علوم Basic science A six-month course followed by a written and oral examination

The second part only begins after all materials have been successfully completed.

* Part II and message:

Five semesters for two and a half years.

The student has the right to take the final exam and must have completed the thesis and accepted it (6 months) before the exam.

*** Message:

Registration of the thesis for four semesters begins at the beginning of the second semester after success in the first part and is discussed after completion, ie, two years after recording the subject of the thesis.

Article (23)

يمنح The student will be awarded the degree after passing the first part exam and discussing the thesis and pass the entire semester after the discussion (6 months) at least and pass the final exam successfully.

 و Obtaining accredited training courses in the field of "Quality in Healthcare" in addition to obtaining the required training courses in the Master's degree.

اجتياز Successful completion of the TOEFL Certificate in English (as required by the University) and the International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

Article (24):

* The progress of the doctoral degree will be twice a year during the months of October and March of each year.

* The award of the degree to two roles (the role of May and November).

Article (25): The student is required to obtain a doctorate degree in medicine, surgery or basic medical sciences as follows:

* Attend courses satisfactorily.

* To undertake an innovative research on a subject approved by the university after the approval of the College Council for at least two years (in the second semester).

* To submit the results of his research a letter accepted by the Governing Committee after discussing it.

To successfully pass the written, clinical and verbal tests as prescribed in the Regulations.

* To meet the required scientific activities as determined by the department in accordance with Article (3).

Article (26): The student must register his name for the exam at least one month in advance.

Article (27): The student's success in the PhD exam shall satisfy the examination committee in all the tests and in each part of the unit by taking the average for the assessment of the members of the committee. If the student fails to take any exam,

Article (28): The exam shall be held in November and May of each year.

Article (29): The student may not remain restricted to the doctoral degree for more than four years without submitting to discuss the thesis. The college council may give the student a period of one year if the excuse is accepted and renewed for another year.

Article (30)

* Launching opportunities for the final exam.

Article (31):

* The subject of the thesis and the exact specialization shall be shown in the doctorate.