Each student will submit the following documents:

1. Application for admission.
2- A bachelor's degree showing general appreciation and assessment of specialization.
3 - certificate of the year of training (excellence).
4- Certificate of birth or an official extract thereof.
5. The employer's consent to enroll and complete the study (year of the master's degree - his age or work as a resident doctor in a hospital recognized by the college board of diploma) half full of four semesters for doctorate.
6. The position of recruitment.

7 - Number of 6 recent photographs.

8 - For the expatriates, the student shall submit a letter from the embassy which includes the approval of his admission to postgraduate studies and determines the party that bears the expenses of the study and provides a health certificate from the Ministry of Health stating that he is free of diseases.

9 - For applicants to the degree of doctoral student otherwise offers a master's degree.

Article (33):

** 2 - The student may be exempted from the attendance and examination of some of the courses and examinations if it is proven that he attended similar courses and successfully passed examinations in a university college or scientific institute recognized by the university within five years from the date of the performance of the examination or obtaining a certificate or degree Scientific studies.

Article (34)

 ** The supervision of a member of the faculty on the scientific messages submitted by a relative up to the fourth degree should not be proportionate or fluent, applying this to the oral and practical examination.

Article (35):

** The member of the faculty, his wife, father, son, brother and brother may not participate in the supervision of the same letter.

Article (36): The number of supervisors of the master's or doctoral thesis should not be less than two and not more than three supervisors in the master's and four in the doctorate.

Article (37): The grantor's department participates with the other sub-sections in the development of the written, oral and clinical examination questions, corrects the editorial papers and takes the average grades.

Article (38):

** The organizational responsibility for the postgraduate examinations shall be the head of the department council.

Article (39): وقف Stop the restriction:

** Suspension of enrollment before the end of the original period of enrollment at the request of the student or the department for the care of the child accompany the husband or wife abroad accompany the parents for treatment abroad recruitment and training grants and official tasks disease - or any excuse accepted by the College Council.

- Upon completion of the suspension period, the student or department must submit an application to lift the suspension.


**** Cancellation procedures are carried out for the following reasons:

1 - Exhaustion of the number of applications for the first section of the diploma and master.
2- The legal and extraordinary period provided for in the Regulations.
3 - Report the supervisors of the letter of irregularity and seriousness.
4. Non-payment of tuition fees.

Article (40):

** The student is not considered to be restricted to graduate studies until after payment of tuition fees.

Article (41)

** Examiners and assistant teachers are exempted from tuition fees and fees for improving student services

And only get them to draw the certificate of university patent and fifty pounds in the case of extending the registration.

Article (42)

** Research students, resident doctors, doctors working in medical colleges, university hospitals, scholarship students in universities, assistant research and research assistants in research centers and institutes, as well as assistants and assistant teachers at Al-Azhar University colleges, assistant teachers and recruits in colleges and higher institutes

 To the Ministry of Higher Education at the time of registration and registration for postgraduate studies
Services for postgraduate students in universities.