Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives
 Unity Vision

"Completing the internal quality assurance systems in the faculty so that they are able to develop continuously in order to obtain the institutional and academic accreditation of their programs from local, regional and international bodies."

Unit message

"To provide the continuous development of the College to cope with rapid scientific and technological developments, to ensure the quality of performance and to raise the graduates of the College to the level of excellence and local and regional competitiveness."

 The Quality Assurance Unit aims to achieve the following strategic objectives:

(1) Developing the institutional capacities and human resources of the college

(2) Activation of quality management systems in the faculty

(3) developing the college to be a center of scientific radiation in the processes of teaching and learning

(4) Promoting and improving the quality of community services at the college

(5) Develop the quality of the performance of the research process in college