How to apply

How to Apply
To initiate the CRC application process, submit the following required documents electronically to Lisa Godin, CRC administrative program coordinator:
1. Documents related to the ERC application:
a. ERC application form
b. ERC approval letter
c. Informed consent form
2. Appendix A.doc (submission & resources you are requesting from the CRC)
3. Appendix B (Cost estimate)
4. Appendix C.doc (Data and Safety Monitoring Plan)
5. Research Protocol
6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the Principal Investigator (PI), coinvestigators and subinvestigators 
7. Reviews/critiques from the funding agency. Provide the PI’s response, if applicable. Provide results of any other scientific reviews that have been conducted.
8. Award letter and approved budget from the funding source(s), including the budget detail and/or budget justification for the entire funding period.

Document unavailable? If so, please state which document(s) are unavailable in a cover memo (or in the body of the email) and forward the document(s) to CRC as soon as possible.